Tallard: visit at the time of the knights

Tallard is a municipality located 12kms from Gap, south of the city. Rich in historical heritage, the heart of it is the witness of an omnipresent past. Little and big adventurers, discover the time of the knights!

The Castle of Tallard

The castle from the 14th - 16th century listed as a historic monument since 1969.


Its first stones were erected by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem (order of Malta) 800 years ago. After having been the property of various seigniorial families, it is bought by the town hall of Tallard in 1957 to the descendants of the Clermont-Tonnerre family. Since then, it enjoys a progressive restoration. Guided tours, concerts, exhibitions, nocturnal lighting and medieval shows take place in a medieval setting.


An orientation table has been installed on the esplanade of the castle.


Discover the Garenne Park at the entrance of the castle, where the majestic trees are witnesses to the passing of time.

The medieval village of Tallard

Tallard is quoted for the first time in the texts of the seventh century. The old town was located on the hill above the village of Lettret, still called today "Old Town". It is in the tenth century that the inhabitants come to settle their village in the valley when the princes of Orange become owners of the lands of Tallard and protectors of tallardiens.

Surrounded by ramparts and moats until the seventeenth century, the city has a hospital held by religious, a central street where the majority of shops and many homes. Today, with the exception of the moat, traces of the past are still clearly visible in the historic center.

Come to discover this typical architecture as well as the classified buildings of the village center, such as the Saint Gregory church classified as a historical monument.

The Gardens "The Conquests"

In 1787, Tallardians conquered these lands on the alluvial deposits of La Durance to allow villagers to have gardens in case of famine.

In this emblematic sector of the town, these gardens respond to new gardening techniques - without fertilizers or pesticides - initiated by René Léautier, gardener and lecturer. A garden of 600m² was selected, prepared and cleaned to host the project. Discover these gardens, at the foot of the castle's cliff ...


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Saint Gregoire's Church

Classified as a historical monument on May 30, 1931, the church is dedicated to Saint Gregory.

This church was built in 1640 (see the date above the entrance door outside) and 1644 (see the date on the keystone above the altar). The author of the plans is a Jesuit professor in Embrun, Reverend Father Léoutaud. The contractor was the Tallardian Michel Reyberet, "stonecutter, mason and architect".

When they wanted to give him the title of Saint Gregory, they realized that he was not canonized. The matter was undoubtedly on the right track in Rome because this wish was quickly accepted by Pope Innocent X. 

The baptismal font, which seems to date from the 16th century, is embedded in the wall of the bell tower. Next to it, a banner representing St Gregory. It was offered by subscription by the women of Tallard in 1840.

The central nave is decorated with six paintings that depict the life of St. Gregory. Realized in 1743 by two Italian painters Amadeo Grassi and Silvestro Millesi, they will be restored in 1839 then in 1987. Small anachronism, the clothes of the holy bishop are of the XVIIth whereas this one living in the IVth century.


Source : Mairie de Tallard

Toutourisme: The guided tour of the castle, the village and the Garenne park is accessible with a dog on a leash (except for the interior of the Saint-Grégoire church).

The airfield of Tallard

With its alpine landscapes and Mediterranean sunshine, the result is unmatched: 330 days of flight a year, summer and winter!


From its earliest days, around 1937, the Tallard aerodrome has grown steadily, with about 60,000 aerial movements per year and 80,000 parachute jumps. The aerodrome is the first European platform for aerial recreation thanks to its exceptional aerology that allows all light air disciplines to mix with air, helicopter, parachuting, microlight, glider, hot air balloon, paramotor, paragliding ...

Recognized unanimously by all the pilots and champions and only a few swings of the Mediterranean, Gap-Tallard is a place of unique flight in the world.


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