Vauban Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage

Briançon and Montdauphin, the must-sees!


Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008 alongside the other eleven sites of the Vauban major sites network, Briançon and Mont-Dauphin are archetypes of the military architecture of Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban. It was following the incursion of the Duke of Savoy and his troops in 1692 that the Commissioner General of the fortifications of France suggested the improvement of the defensive systems of these border sites.


Since then, Briançon and Mont-Dauphin both overlook the valleys of the Durance and Guil, imposing and austere, and are an excellent example of a bastioned enclosure adapted to a steep site.


As an indication: a 45-minute drive to Mont-Dauphin from Gap, and about 1h30 to Briançon.