Ecrins National Park

The richness of Biodiversity

Geology, fauna, flora, specific environments, the ancient or recent history of human occupation, current practices and know-how, landscapes, are all components to take into account to measure the wealth of this area. massif. These heritages which give all their splendor to the Ecrins, justified the classification in national park of this territory.

It is a high mountain territory whose chain of major peaks structure the entire massif according to a complex architecture that culminates at 4102 meters at the Barre des Ecrins. The glaciers have formed deep valleys distributed in star where you will discover a fauna and flora characteristic of this mountain territory. The heart of the park is only accessible on foot. Numerous itineraries whose duration does not exceed the day allow to discover mountain villages, pastures, lakes and waterfalls, and many other treasures. All excursions on :

For lovers of great hiking, discover the many itineraries of the Grand Tour des Ecrins. Different formulas are proposed to you since the mythical GR54 on 2 weeks with itineraries of some days in balcony. The refuges and gites of stage will allow you to spend your nights in the shelter and in good company. In freedom or accompanied according to your desires. All information on :


In total, more than 150 peaks exceed "3,000 m" for valley bottoms approaching 1000 m.


The nearest entrance to Gapençais is the Champsaur area.

The headquarters of the Ecrins National Park is located at the Domaine de Charance in Gap. The National Park offers the services of its documentation center. You can consult there or borrow many books on the heritage of the massif or different naturalistic resources. In fine weather, a reading area is even proposed in the open air in front of the castle to consult some magazines on site.

Toutourisme : the dogs are forbidden in the Ecrins National Park area