To move locally

Urban transport

Take full advantage of the LINEA bus network,

Linea - City Bus

Also find in the Bus guide the shuttles for the Domaine de Charance and the Golf Gap-Bayard Line: "Bayard - Centre ville - Domaine de Charance" (Round trip).
Also accessible to bicycles (4 bicycles maximum).

Urban Transport Service
Tel: +33 4 92 53 18 19
Urban Community

31 route de la Justice 05000 GAP


Parking / parking info

Parking in Gap: find the information here!

Electric vehicles

Parking spaces for electric vehicles are available on GAP car parks:

* Good: 6 places with charging stations
* Desmichels: 2 terminals including 1 fast charge
*Wall: 2 places with charging stations

Paid parking and free recharge.

Parking Bonne: 04 92 53 35 58

3 Charging stations on TALLARD:
- In the village: 2 accelerated stations: Parking of the Castle and Parking of the Town Hall: Charging stations 22 KW
- Charging time: 30 m / 50km
- At the aerodrome: 1 speedometer: recharge 40 KW - Charging time: 10m / 50km

Info: or
0033 (0) 4 92 44 39 00 or Hotline: 0 970 830 213 (call not surcharged)

Motorhome parking areas

The city of Gap has 2 service areas, limited by bylaw at 48h.

An area of 5 parking spaces located at the parking relay stadium nautical Avenue de Provence, Marseille city entrance.
GPS : N, E 

An area with 6 parking spaces located next to Feu Vert, avenue d'Embrun, entrance to the city on the Briançon side.
GPS : N, E

Users can have the free access on these areas:

* the emptying of greywater,
* the emptying of the WC cassettes,
* the filling of their drinking water reserve.

Tallard: service terminal at the Durance bridge
Sigoyer: Motorhome areas: 1 in the village and 1 in the Guérins